Bare Necessities and Platinum Packages

At the Tweed Coast Vet, we pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive, gold standard, veterinary service on the Tweed Coast.

But we recognise that sometimes when things are going well, you don’t really need the most comprehensive gold class treatment. Sometimes you just want the bare necessities. The grease and oil change. Just enough to get you through till next year.

And sometimes, thats ok. Don’t feel guilty about that. We get it. And at Tweed Coast Vet we are more than happy to help you out with the bare necessities. We offer no frills vet checks, vaccinations and even some of our surgical procedures.  Just ask and we will happily support you by just providing the bare necessities.

Of course if there is any chance that the bare necessities are not so safe for Fluffy  we will be sure to let you know and make sure we talk through everything with you.

But Fluffy’s health depends on you. So we want to make sure we look after you too.

When you read through the services pages, you will notice that some procedures or packages have asterisks next to some items. These items are considered the bare necessities. While we routinely offer the absolute best in pet health care, if all you need is the bare necessities, just ask! In fact, you can tailor your pet’s health care to suit your needs, and we will gladly support you in that.