Tweed Coast Vet is one of the best-equipped surgeries in the Far North Coast.

Boasting the latest in blood testing equipment, we can perform most blood tests in house within 15 minutes. We offer ultrasound, digital dental X-ray, and digital x-rays so you can get same day results for your peace of mind. We have 3 fully equipped surgery rooms, with oxygen generators, anaesthetic machines and monitoring to ensure your pet is safe and have a support team that are absolutely incredible to ensure your pet is always well cared for.

  • Routine health-care (AT HOME or IN CLINIC)
    • Vaccinations; heart-worm, intestinal worming, flea and tick prevention
  • Complex Medical Problems (AT HOME and IN CLINIC)
    • sickness and injuries of all kinds
    • investigations including same-day blood tests, cytology and microscopic tests, digital X-rays and ultrasound
  • Routine surgeries (IN CLINIC only)
    • Spey, castration, lump removals, biopsies, wound repair
  • Complex surgeries (IN CLINIC only)
    • Orthopaedic repair, eye, ear and throat surgeries, stomach and intestine surgeries (including removing toys, sticks and bones!)
  • Home delivery of purchases
  • Patient transfers to and from hospital for treatments and surgeries.