Rebecca Munro

Pets: Benji and a foster fail cat Jet (I had to keep him lol)
Family: I currently live at home with my mum, dad and my two younger brothers
Time in industry: I have been working at Tweed Coast Vet for roughly 2 years. I have been involved in the animal industry learning and studying since I was 15 years old.
Special interests: I am interested in surgeries in general and I find x-rays and ultrasounds very interesting. And of course getting to cuddle all the cute animals that come through the doors. 
Hobbies when not at work: I enjoy spending time down at the beach with my dog Benji and going for afternoon walks enjoying the beautiful area we live in. 

Christie Woolford

Role: Veterinary Surgeon
Pets: An Old Keplie called Wolfe, a black and white cat called Pearcy and 3 chooks (Tina, Aretha and Janice)
Family: A fisherman husband and an adventurous 1 year old daughter.
Time in the industry: 9 years, but the last 2 years have been at Tweed Coast Vet.
Special interests: I love the variety of different creatures and problems that walk through the door everyday and the satisfaction of surgery.
Hobbies:  I love everything outdoors, swimming, kayaking, diving, rock climbing, bush walking, camping and all things adventure!

Rhonda Hicks

Roles: Reception and practice manager.
Pets:  Sox A 3 year old cat who we adopted through Friends of the Pound. We also have a new addition, Baxter the ‘bitser’ dog, approx 2yrs old, who recently joined our family from AWLQ. 
(Fun fact – When Sox was around 10 months old he was run over and we thought he would lose his back leg. However Merridie managed to put him back together and pin the leg, it healed beautifully and now you wouldn’t know it had ever happened!)

Family: Husband, Steve, and twin 10 year old boys, Noah & Ethan.
Time in the industry: I worked at a clinic back in the UK before we moved to Australia in 2016. I have been working at Tweed Coast Vet since we arrived in April 2016! 
Special interests: I enjoy all aspects of the clinic from helping clients and meeting their pets to seeing the interesting surgeries that go on. No two days are ever the same. 
Hobbies: Horse riding although I don’t get much time for that right now! Spending time with my family and friends. Can you class driving kids around to all their activities as a hobby?

Taya O’Shannessy

Name: Taya O’Shannessy
Qualifications: Certificate 4 in vet nursing. 
Pets: A beautiful American bulldog named Cronos and a large assortment of freshwater fish. 
Family: I have an exclusively fur and fin family. 
Time spent at Tweed Coast Vet? 3 years as a nurse.
Special interests: In general love learning about new things, whether that be an unusual hospital case and how to treat them or a type of surgery that I’m not familiar with. 
Hobbies:  Freshwater aquarium keeping, bookworm, gardening and spending as much time as possible doing fun things with Cronos. 

Kate Kelleher

Role: Reception, but also studying vet nursing.
Time at Tweed Coast Vet: Since the beginning of 2020
Pets: I have a 1 year old Border Collie x Kelpie who is a bundle of energy and I also foster so my hands are always full!
In my spare time: I love to spend time at the beach and am currently learning how to surf. 

Leigh-Anne Engelbrecht

Role: Veterinary Receptionist.
Pets: 2 crazy ginger cats
Family: Married with two children
Time in veterinary industry: I worked as a veterinary receptionist for 9 years in South Africa before emigrating to Australia in 2013. I have worked at Tweed Coast Vet since August 2017.
Hobbies: I enjoy walks on the beach, reading and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Sasha Berridge-Lathouras

Role: Vet nurse
Pets: Marley the Labrador. Phiebie the horse. Peppa the pig and all the chooks. Have too many others to name them all!
Family: Husband Christopher.
Time in the veterinary industry: I have been working for 10 years from when I started studying. I started at Tweed Coast Vet early 2019.
Special interests:  I particularly enjoy surgical nursing.
Hobbies:  In my spare time, I enjoy horse riding and photography.

Dr Merridie Fury

Dr Merridie founded Tweed Coast Vet in 1995. With over 30 years experience as a vet she is our most experienced vet, and an excellent surgeon.

Dr Merridie has continued to study and train in medicine and new surgery techniques, learning new techniques for hip and knee techniques. She is excellent at orthopaedic surgery such as fracture repairs, and repairing cruciate ligaments. She is also excellent when it comes to finding the ball that Rover accidentally ate, or removing that big tumour on Bluey’s spleen.

Dr Merridie spends her time with her dog Fang, and husband Jim. She is “Mardi” to her 3 grandchildren, and manages to sing in the choir in her spare time (When she has any!)

Dr Rachael Parsons

Qualifications: Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours)
Family: I have 3 kids and a husband to keep me on my toes!
Pets: I have a silky terrier named Alice and a ginger and white cat named Oski. Both are 10 years old.
Time in the vet industry: I started as a new graduate with the Cabarita Beach Veterinary Surgery at the start of 2002. It is still the same place, but a lot has changed since then! Before that I worked as a vet nurse throughout uni.
Special interests: Dentistry
Hobbies: I enjoy taking photos, although perhaps I am not good enough to call it photography!
Interesting Fact: I grew up on Macleay Island in Moreton Bay

Dr Emma Masini

Role/Qualifications: Veterinary Surgeon, however I also have a science degree with honours in pharmacology and molecular biology.
Pets: Chocolate Lab called Fudge and a Tabby cat called CAM, which stands for Common as Muck.
Family: My husband James and I are lucky enough to have 2 beautiful daughters, Willow and Mollie.
Time in the Vet industry: I graduated from Melbourne Uni in 2013 and have been working at Tweed Coast Vet since I graduated.
Special interests:I enjoy all aspects of general practice. I love the variety from puppy and kitten consults to surgery to complex medical cases.
Hobbies: When I’m not working I’m mum to my 2 young children. When they get a bit older I hope to get back into restoring old furniture.

Dr Anna Hugenholtz

Dr Anna comes to us with a global outlook on veterinary science. Anna was trained in the UK, and graduated from Bristol University in 2009.

She moved to Australia in 2013, and spent several years locuming around the country. During this time she has had the opportunity to learn and train under a wide variety of people, learning a variety of different techniques and skills.

While Dr Anna enjoys all aspects of veterinary work, she has a particular interest in Internal Medicine and making sick pets well again. She makes a valuable addition to our team!

Dr Sara Kingsley

Role/Qualifications? Veterinary Surgeon.
Family?  I have one incredible husband and an endearingly gorgeous daughter.
Time in the industry? I have been working as a vet for 10 years, and have always been associated with (but not always working at) Tweed Coast Vet.
Special interests? I love ultrasound and surgery, and do as much as I can of both. I also maintain the website and admin side of the vet surgery.
Hobbies?  In my spare time I love to take my daughter bike riding and swimming.

Kerstin Somenek

Name: Kerstin Somenek
Role: Senior Receptionist
Pets: Rocky the cat with a smooshed eye 😆Family: There are four of us, but the 2 kids have now left the nest.
Time in the veterinary industry: All my life. Part of the furniture after over 20 years at the Tweed Coast Vet.
Special interests: I enjoy coaxing the slightly more difficult cats to behave.
Hobbies: Baking/cooking my native German dishes and cakes 🥘🥮. I am a big fan of nature and the environment. Hubby and I do a little bit of travelling in our Motorhome. (And she is definitely known as the recycling warrior around the clinic!)

Daen Audet

Role: Veterinary Nurse and Wildlife Warrior
Pets: Dog Rusty
Family: Husband John and son Jabara
Time in industry: 7 year
Special interests: Care and rehabilitation of sick and injured wildlife – especially flying foxes, who need a special hand with rehabilitation.
Hobbies: If she has any spare time from all the wildlife, Daen enjoys family time and a good book.

Ray Devlin

Name: A little known secret around the clinic is that Ray’s real name is actually Rachel. We renamed her to avoid the joy of having two Rachaels’ in the clinic!
Role/Qualifications:Vet Nurse, certificate 4 veterinary nursing.
Pets:I have grown up with all kinds of animals. We have one very special kitty named Cleo. I’m sure there will be more animals to come but one fits our lifestyle for now.
Family: Recently married 2019, not quite ready for kids yet but would love to start a family one day.
Time in the veterinary industry: I have been in the industry for 4.5 years. My first job was here at Tweed Coast Vet and I have been lucky to be here ever since!
Special interests (in veterinary/animal related world): I enjoy orthopaedic surgery, scaling dirty teeth and caring for our sick patients making sure they get lots of cuddles.
Hobbies: I enjoy exercising, cooking, spending most weekends outdoors either fishing, kayaking, swimming, camping and spending time with my family and friends.



Fang is really the main person you need to know in the vet surgery. That’s right, although she looks a lot like a labradoodle, she is convinced she is actually a person.

She is not always present as she has a busy schedule, including several days a week at Dog Safari. When she is in the clinic however, she is often far too busy supervising the treat jar to always be on show, but late afternoons she enjoys coming out to the reception area to  remind us that it is time for her treat and afternoon walk.

Born in 2007, Fang was destined to be a star. She has starred in many on stage performances. Locals will recall her in Neptune Theatre Company’s productions taking on roles such as Caramel the Camel in South Pacific, Sandy the dog in Annie, another camel in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat, and even a Salvation Army Officer in Guys and Dolls.

There have been a few other Cameo performances, where Fang has appeared just as herself due to popular demand.

Fang enjoys long walks on the beach (but things getting caught in the rain is a terrible thing). She will lie on her back and splay her legs in the most un-ladylike manner when she feels she is not getting enough attention, and stand on the scales to prove she has not eaten too many treats today (‘so can I please have another one now?’)

Fang initially came to this surgery as a puppy to be de-sexed and have corrective surgery on her eye-lids (which rolled in and were causing problems.) Dr Merridie did an excellent job of the surgery, but in the course of smooching the puppy after surgery discovered the pup had wrapped its furry little legs around her neck in a puppy hug and would not let go. Dr Merridie fell in love with the puppy, and knowing it was looking for a new owner, didn’t send the puppy home.

Fang is so named because as that tiny mass of curly puppy soon proved, she had a very placid personality. She imitated a bath mat perfectly, and loved nothing more than sleeping while in someone’s arms. Dr Sara felt that “Fang” might inspire some spunk or attitude into her, and give her a name to grow into. Despite many protests, “Fang” has stuck, although dismally failing to inspire Fang to anything like her namesake, she has proved a beautiful irony.

We love her to bits, and couldn’t be prouder. Come in one afternoon and meet Fang, guardian of the Vet Surgery, and Chief Treat Taster. Or check her out on her Facebook page, Fangspage.




Jasper is a beautiful, fluffy, white, 3-legged male cat of uncertain age, with  2 different coloured eyes, one part of an ear missing and a little bit of a tragic past. Since coming to us, he  has earned the title “Chief Inefficiency Officer”, due to his endearing habit of ensuring that no other staff member can use a computer unaccosted.

Jasper came to us as a stray through Friends of the Pound. He had been hit by a car and had a complicated break to one of his front legs. The experience seemed to have traumatised Jasper a little, as he was initially reluctant to come out of the box we had provided for him to hide in.

Once Jasper had his damaged leg amputated, he improved markedly. Because he was having an extended stay with us, we took to leaving his cage door open so that he could explore the whole room if he chose. He didn’t choose. While he loved being patted and was not scared of people in any way, he was not interested in leaving his safe place.

For weeks he stayed in his cage, but one day we found that he had moved from the cage into the closet next to it. As it was a blanket cupboard, we allowed him to make his bed on the big soft blanket he had chosen, emerging only to toilet, eat and drink. He loved being patted but would not leave his man-cave, instead insisting (in typical cat fashion) that we come to him for smooches.

This continued for months, and eventually he became a fixture. We did not end up sending him back to Friends of the Pound. Everyone had come to enjoy their morning cuddle with the strange ball of white fluff that seemed to prefer the life of a hermit.

Eventually Jasper’s bed was moved to the staff room, and these days Jasper has expanded his range to both the staff room AND the office. Jasper spends his time sitting on either the staff’s laps, or their keyboards. He loves people and has no fear of any one. He doesn’t seem to have any desire for daylight either, but we try not to judge him for that!