Meet the Team

Fluffy Supervisor


Fang is really the main person you need to know in the vet surgery. That’s right, although she looks a lot like a labradoodle, she is convinced she is actually a person.

She is not always present as she has a busy schedule, including several days a week at Dog Safari. When she is in the clinic however, she is often far too busy supervising the treat jar to always be on show, but late afternoons she enjoys coming out to the reception area to  remind us that it is time for her treat and afternoon walk.

Born in 2007, Fang was destined to be a star. She has starred in many on stage performances. Locals will recall her in Neptune Theatre Company’s productions taking on roles such as Caramel the Camel in South Pacific, Sandy the dog in Annie, another camel in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat, and even a Salvation Army Officer in Guys and Dolls.

There have been a few other Cameo performances, where Fang has appeared just as herself due to popular demand.

Fang enjoys long walks on the beach (but things getting caught in the rain is a terrible thing). She will lie on her back and splay her legs in the most un-ladylike manner when she feels she is not getting enough attention, and stand on the scales to prove she has not eaten too many treats today (‘so can I please have another one now?’)


Jasper is a beautiful, fluffy, white, 3-legged female cat of uncertain age, with  2 different coloured eyes, one part of an ear missing and a little bit of a tragic past. Since coming to us, she has earned the title “Chief Inefficiency Officer”, due to her endearing habit of ensuring that no other staff member can use a computer unaccosted.

Jasper came to us as a stray through Friends of the Pound. She had been hit by a car and had a complicated break to one of her front legs. The experience seemed to have traumatised Jasper a little, as she was initially reluctant to come out of the box we had provided for her to hide in.

Once Jasper had her damaged leg amputated, she improved markedly. Because she was having an extended stay with us, we took to leaving her cage door open so that she could explore the whole room if she chose. She didn’t choose. While she loved being patted and was not scared of people in any way, she was not interested in leaving her safe place. 

For weeks she stayed in her cage, but one day we found that she had moved from the cage into the closet next to it. As it was a blanket cupboard, we allowed her to make her bed on the big soft blanket she had chosen, emerging only to toilet, eat and drink. She loved being patted but would not leave her man-cave, instead insisting (in typical cat fashion) that we come to her for smooches.

This continued for months, and eventually she became a fixture. We did not end up sending her back to Friends of the Pound. Everyone had come to enjoy their morning cuddle with the strange ball of white fluff that seemed to prefer the life of a hermit.

Eventually Jasper’s bed was moved to the staff room, and these days Jasper has expanded her range to both the staff room AND the office. Jasper spends her time sitting on either the staff’s laps, or their keyboards. She loves people and has no fear of any one. She doesn’t seem to have any desire for daylight either, but we try not to judge her for that!