Pet Advice

Nutrition and your Pet

Parasite protection for your pet
Sample plans for puppy/dog prophylaxis. There are 2 main options when it comes to making sure you have all of Read more
Reproduction in Dogs
At what age will my dog first come into season? Most dogs reach sexual maturity and begin to cycle around Read more
At what age should I desex my dog?
At what age should I desex my dog? This is a complicated question. If you are thinking about breeding from Read more
Yearly Health Checks
Your pet's yearly health checks are an essential part of caring for your pet's well being because our pets age Read more
What to expect from surgery at Tweed Coast Vet.
Your pet is in safe hands at Tweed Coast Vet. With one surgical theatre for major procedures, and an additional Read more
Coronavirus and Pets?
You may have heard a bit about COVID-19 and pets in the media. We are still learning, as the situation Read more
Chocolate Toxicity Calculator
Remember, this calculator is a guide only. And please, dont feed your dog chocolate and think that it is safe Read more
Separation Anxiety
Separation anxiety is becoming more and more common. As our pets become a part of the family they become more Read more
Dog Toys!
So, you want to spoil your pet rotten? And have been told to avoid various kinds of toys for various Read more
Christmas treat ideas for dogs
Wondering what to do for your pet this Christmas? Confused about which treats are safe and healthy? Perhaps worried about Read more