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Why is my pet gaining weight? Part 2
Once we have ruled out medical reasons for weight gain (See part 1) it is time to look at other Read more
Why is my pet gaining weight? Part 1 : The medical reasons.
It is the worst feeling, walking into the vet surgery, and feeling like your vet is judging you because your Read more
Why should I treat Cushing's Disease? (Hyperadrenocorticism)
So, your vet thinks your dog may have Cushing's disease? (For information on how we test for Cushing's disease, CLICK Read more
Testing for Cushing's Disease:
There are several parts to testing for Cushing's disease. A normal blood test does not usually test for cortisol levels, Read more
How to avoid visiting the emergency vets at Christmas
Christmas can be one of the busiest times of year for emergency vet visits, but there are a few common Read more
Help! My pet has Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions - what does that mean?
Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions (ORLs also known as Tooth Resorptions TRs) can be a really difficult diagnosis to understand. If you Read more
Parasite protection for your pet
Sample plans for puppy/dog prophylaxis. There are 2 main options when it comes to making sure you have all of Read more
Yearly Health Checks
Your pet's yearly health checks are an essential part of caring for your pet's well being because our pets age Read more
What to expect from surgery at Tweed Coast Vet.
Your pet is in safe hands at Tweed Coast Vet. With one surgical theatre for major procedures, and an additional Read more
Coronavirus and Pets?
You may have heard a bit about COVID-19 and pets in the media. We are still learning, as the situation Read more