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Cat Vaccinations


CORE VACCINATIONS (These make up an F3 vaccination)


This virus has also been called ‘cat parvo’ in the media. Similarly to parvo in dogs, it causes bloody vomitting and diarrhoea in cats. It also wipes out the cats immune system. Fortunately we see it rarely as it is preventable simply by vaccinating your pet.


Calicivirus and herpesvirus together form what is known as cat flu. The symptoms are usually a discharge from the eye and nose. They can also cause fevers and make a cat inappetant. The biggest problem however is that once a cat is infected they are often infected for life. The flue like symptoms come and go, depending on how run-down your cat’s immune system is. They can continue to be a source of infection for other cats in the household as well. We recommend vaccinating cats that are infected as it can frequently decrease the symptoms and severity of the flue outbreaks.


Herpesvirus also causes cat flu, but unlike calicivirus, it can also cause ulcers in the eye and the mouth which can be hard to treat and difficult to resolve.



Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

FIV is transmitted through fighting and mating.  Desexing will prevent the latter, but vaccination is still recommended when cats roam outdoors and have the potential to get into fights.  The primary course is 3 injections 4 weeks apart, followed by annual boosters.