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Storm Advice


Does a storm phobia send you and your dog crazy during a storm? Here are some great tips on keeping your pet calm during a storm. At Tweed Coast Vet we understand summer can be a time of constant stress, worrying if there is a storm coming, and not knowing if your pet will still be in the yard when you get home.





During storm season be prepared to keep an eye on the radar to watch for storms. If you and your dog are prepared you have a better chance of weathering the storm.



Sound Proof Den During a Storm


Try a sound proof den to give your dog a safe place to retreat during a storm. Dogs feel secure in dens, and during a storm they often want to feel secure and safe.






A wardrobe will make a great den during a storm! And it smells like you! But it is best to get your pet used to using the wardrobe when there is no storm around too.





Pheremone sprays and homeopathic drops for storm phobias in dogs


Often dogs respond positively to the pheromone sprays and collars such as Adaptil during a storm. They are associated with happiness, calm and security. Homeopathic drops can also be used to great effect- ask us at the Tweed Coast Vet about some of your options.




In severe cases there are prescription medications available for dogs with storm phobias. We don’t like to use these, but we understand sometimes we have to. TCVet would like to remind you that all medications have some risk, especially with repeated use. In the case of storm phobia medications, they can often take about 2 hours to work, so often unless you get in early they are not much help.





When using storm drops and pheromones sprays for storms in your pet remember they will often need to be re-administered. Unlike with the prescription medications, this is actually a great idea during the storm, as it can act to keep your dog calm.